2019 | Issue 1

The Journal of the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (JOxCSLS) not only serves as a platform for emerging scholars but also offers a valuable resource for students seeking quick essay help in the field of law and society. With its wealth of scholarly articles and thought-provoking content, it facilitates efficient and comprehensive research for academic writing assignments.

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Feminist Curiosity about International Constitutional Law and Global Constitutionalism

by Jenna Sapiano and Beverley Baines


Valuing Labour: The Interaction of Law and Informal Norms in UK Agriculture

by Polly Lord


Of Law and Society Today

The Missteps of the FIRST STEP Act: Algorithmic Bias in Criminal Justice Reform

by Raghav Kohli


Socio-Legal Object

Mats and Restorative Justice in Vanuatu

by Kim D. Weinert


Wire from the Field

Research Access and Adaptation in the Securitised Field of Australian Refugee and Asylum Law

by Regina Jefferies